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E-Commerce Website w/ Interactive Element

UI/UX Designer based in Toronto.


I am the kid who is always ready for any creative mission.​ I have lived in 3 countries for the last decade. I met people from different places that helped me develop myself personally and professionally. The knowledge and experiences I gained introduced me to cross-cultural design. I learned to be more accommodating, accepting, and broad-minded about others’ differences.

In UX, it is necessary to embrace the users' cultural differences as needed in the design process, and is a prerequisite for the success of a product.

The digital world is connecting to more people in different places than ever before– and my mission as a designer is to create, connect, empathize and inspire multicultural or global audiences.

A. Quenne

Media Management
/ Toronto CA

of Fine Arts-
Advertising Major
/ Manila PH

Let's start the
creative mission!

Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss a possible project or learn more about my work.



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